Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Mentor, Teacher

I helped create an Entrepreneurship Bootcamp under the umbrella of Silicon Valley Young Coders Club. This program arms kids with tools and knowledge on how to start and build a startup. I also taught the very first Bootcamp.

As the program has spread to numerous centers across the USA, I now both teach and help volunteers take up teaching the course at their respective center.

This page links to all materials used for the bootcamp so that other teachers can use these materials to teach their class. I have also included Instructor Instructions.

Course materials (presentations):

∞ Session 1: What is creativity? What is my passion?

∞ Session 2: Behavior traits for a successful entrepreneur.

∞ Session 3: Turning your passion into a business opportunity.

∞ Session 4: Steps needed for your startup … 1,2,3 GO.

∞ Session 5: Financials of the business opportunity.

∞ Session 6: Presentation skills, successful pitches.

∞ Session 7: Filing your patent, patent gotchas, successes and failures.

∞ Session 8: Pitch your business plan to VCs (top 12 teams).

Associated materials:

∞ Business Plan Template

∞ Instructor Instructions

∞ Mark Zuckerberg’s IPO Letter

For Instructors looking for PPTs of my presentations so that they can edit to tailor for their own class: please contact me and I would be happy to send.