Board of Directors – Children’s Voice International

Children’s Voice International (CVI) helps trafficked children heal and thrive in society.

Our vision is to help end the perpetual cycle of human trafficking by supporting the educational and personal success of each child and creating partnerships to expand wholistic care together on one platform.

Chief Marketing Officer – Pan American Billiards and Snooker Association

Pan American Billiards and Snooker Association (PABSA), a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit, is the governing body for the game of Snooker and Billiards in the Americas (North and South American continents), and is chartered to promote and spread the games in the region.

I volunteer to head up Marketing and Growth for the organization. I also volunteer to coach the game to the youth as the game provides mental fortitude and growth, helping achieve a more fulfilling life.

Data and AI Advisor – Love Justice International

Love Justice .International steps in during the critical moments between freedom and slavery. Our system of transit monitoring dares to believe that together we can prevent the next victim from being trafficked and that the knowledge gained can—and does—lead to arrests and convictions of those who seek to make people into victims.

I help provide leadership to data initiatives, particularly focused on predicting trafficking to help intercept before it is too late.

Mentor, Teacher – Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

I helped create an Entrepreneurship Bootcamp under the umbrella of Silicon Valley Young Coders Club. This program arms kids with tools and knowledge on how to start and build a startup. I also taught the very first Bootcamp.

As the program has spread to numerous centers across the USA, I now both teach and help volunteers take up teaching the course at their respective center.

Please click here to access all materials, including Instructor Instructions, used for the bootcamp so that other teachers can use these materials to teach their class.

Volunteer – Shri Krupa Dance Company

I actively volunteer my time for Shri Krupa Dance Company – helping organize performances of kids.